HR without borders: unique networking meeting of Ukrainian and Canadian HR communities

Association HR PRO would like to invite you to a special event «HR without borders: unique networking meeting of Ukrainian and Canadian HR communities» which happening on May 5, from 17.30 to 18.30 (by Kyiv time).

This webinar, developed in partnership between HRPA and the Ukrainian Association of HR Professionals – HR PRO provides an opportunity for Internationally educated HR professionals to get an overview of regulations and expectations for the HR profession in Canada.

Canadian HR Professionals will be introduced to the skills and competencies of HR talent from Ukraine and learn how creating internships and other employment opportunities for internationally trained professionals can contribute positively to their organizational culture and employee engagement.

Learning Objectives:
▪️ Help Internationally Educated Professionals understand the process of becoming HR Professionals in Canada
▪️ Explain HRPA’s role in providing the most up-to-date tools in advancing the skills of HR Professionals
▪️ Explain the process of earning the CHRP, CHRL & CHRE designations
▪️ Describe the opportunities available for integration of Internationally Educated Professionals and the benefits of being part of HR Communities
▪️ Identify skills and competencies that Ukrainian HR Professionals can bring to the Canadian Market

Who should attend:
▫️ HR Professionals who seek to learn more or provide internship opportunities to displaced people and refugees.
▫️ Ukrainian Displaced people who arrive to Canada via Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel program and who consider pursuing HR Profession
▫️ Internationally Educated HR Professionals

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